Introducing the Diamond Tile-Cutter (Fliesenfräser)

The DIAMOND TILE CUTTER for Jigsaws is ideally suited for both experts and amateur home improvers. For all shapes – round, rectangular, oval or individual shapes – the DIAMOND Tile Cutter is your specialist when it comes to cutting ceramic tiles.

You need a hole or pattern cut
into your ceramic tile ?
No Problem !

Tiles no longer have to be destroyed and put back together in single elements, as the tile remains whole. Sockets, switches or piping – install whatever you like – gap-free, easy and neat in the wall tile.

1. Tile cutter fits all universal T-Shank blade clamp jigsaws with a support roller guide

2. Suitable for round, rectangular, oval and individual shapes

Make accurate and tidy cut-outs into your tiles.

3. Ideal for neat and split free tile work

It is perfectly suited for making cut-outs and holes in tiles for split free fitting of switches and sockets.

  1. Install the DIAMOND Tile Saw into your jigsaw like any other jigsaw blade.
  2. Before working the ceramic tile, soak it completely for approx. 4-5 minutes in water.
    (This will extend the tool’s durability and helps reduce harmful dust)
  3. Place the soaked tile on two strips of wood (to allow Diamond Tile-Cutter blade to operate freely) with tile front showing downward and drill a hole with at least Ø 3/16 (4mm) drill bit into the tile near your cut out line.
  4. Insert tile cutter in hole and cut out designated shape by carefully pressing (moderate pressure or risk of breaking Diamond Cutter) jigsaw forward. Near high speed or high jigsaw speed should work best.


The Diamond Tile-Cutter is designed to work with all ceramic tiles which are able to absorb water. Hard material (high density and no water absorbance) such as porcelain, marble or granite should not be cut. Wall tiles and ceramic tiles rated by ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) in class 1-3 are best suited for working with the Diamond Tile-Cutter.
Some customers have written us that they use(d) the Diamond Tile-Cutter on Porcelain tiles and other high density material (submerging the tile longer in water) by applying lower speed and spraying water right at Diamond blade cutting point with a standard water spray bottle. We have not tested this method and therefore do not recommend it.

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What our customers are saying…

Not tiling for a living nevertheless, over the years I’ve tiled a number of bathrooms and even a couple of commercial kitchens and recently I did a bathroom job with high gloss finish 12×24 inch tiles that had all electrical, air, and plumbing outlets in the center of the tile or close. Not quite knowing how to get these cuts done and all easily available cutting tools pretty inadequate, I searched on Google and came across the Diamond Tile Cutter for jigsaws. Designed and manufactured in Germany I felt it must be an okay tool considering the high standards they have for pretty much everything mechanical and technical. So instead of going back to the good old handsaw or splitting the tile, where I needed to place the cuts, for the price ($ 24.50 NO shipping charge) I thought I’d give it a shot. The thing arrived in a few days from the US sales company in the original German packaging, but outside and inside were a great number multiple language instructions, of course English – not that it needed much in the first place. I followed their website instruction and soaked the tiles that needed to be cut in water. I know, they said their tool should not be used for high density tiles (mine were just a step below porcelain density) I did it anyways. The result was quite remarkable, while not the fastest on this type of tile however, it beats a handsaw or splitting a tile anytime. All my cutouts, some pretty large, were finished within an hour (total of over 80 inches in length) or so. The physical work was done by my Skil jigsaw while I was guiding the saw – excellent result and the blade is still good for more. Sooner or later I will use the Tile Cutter again – the diamond coating held up remarkably well. I did sprayed regularly water on the contact point of the diamond blade/tile. Best of all: not a single tile was wasted, no scratches and all cutouts covered perfectly the receptacles, plumbing, and air vent covers. Considering the physical power I would have needed with a traditional tool and the time saved (money) the price for this precision tool seemed very fair. While cutting requires a little patience it beats all other methods that I know, by a mile. I’m satisfied with the Diamond Tile-Cutter and do recommend it.

Jim L.

Louisville, KY

 tested the Diamond Tile Saw. Great, I worked tiles for two bathrooms and the tile saw still cuts as easily as it did on the first day. I’m really impressed and can only recommend it!

Leo´s Handwerkerservice

56130 Bad Ems, Germany

Since the Diamond Tile-Cutter is just now publicly available in North America we have only a few reviews at the present time and will post new once as we receive them. However, reputable German DIY and tool magazines have over a period of several years tested and rated the Diamond Tile Cutter, as well as customers and granted a 4.5 – 5 star (very good – excellent) rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What material is the DIAMOND Tile Saw made of?
A: The DIAMOND Tile Saw is made of special tool-steel, which tolerates slight bending without breaking. This guarantees best cutting results and great durability.

Q: Can I install the DIAMOND Tile-Cutter into any jigsaw?
A: Generally speaking – yes, as a universal T-Shank jigsaw-blade adapter was chosen especially for this purpose. However, it may not fit into every exotic type of jigsaw.

Q: What exactly can the DIAMOND Tile Cutter cut?
A: Generally speaking, any ceramic tile can be worked. Best results are achieved with up to 3/8 inch (10 mm) tile thickness. However, we cut Terracotta tiles up to 11/16 (18mm) and had no problems. The DIAMOND Tile Saw is not suitable for material, which does not absorb water, such as concrete blocks, stoneware, marble etc.!!!

Q: How long is the service life of the DIAMOND Tile Saw?
A: It depends on the tile, the applied force and the degree of strength used. The harder the tile, the higher the wear. Only apply a slight amount of pressure otherwise the DIAMOND Tile-Cutter will heat up and may damage the diamond coating.

Q: Does the DIAMOND Tile Saw blade have to touch the jigsaw’s guidance roller?
A: Yes, in order to remain controllable in curves. The DIAMOND Tile-Cutter blade has no diamond coating at the back. This ensures that the roller guide is not damaged. The roller guide of some jigsaws may stand back a little, however, the DIAMOND Tile-Cutter is able to bend back slightly to fit.

Q: What can I do, if the DIAMOND Tile Saw no longer performs good results?
A: The diamonds have small gaps in-between, which may get clogged up with debris after use. In this case, clean the DIAMOND Tile Saw with a brush wet or dry.

Q: Where is the Diamond Tile-Cutter made?
A: The Diamond Tile-Cutter (Fliesenfräser ®) is one hundred percent engineered and manufactured in Germany.
Concerning shipping

Q: How much do you charge for international delivery?
A: Standard shipping (USPS first class) within US and CAN is free. For all other shipping methods please inquire directly via e-mail.

Concerning shipping locations

Q: Which locations do you ship to?
A: MIM, Inc. is the authorized marketing/distribution and sales company for North America for the German producer of the Fliesenfräser ® (Diamond Tile-Cutter), MS Handelsvertretung GmbH. We ship currently the Tile- Cutter to the United States, Canada and Mexico.



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