Wix Multimedia is a full service media firm providing broadcast companies or radio stations with real world (YOUR world) quantitative and qualitative solutions to reaching your market effectively in order to obtain targeted goals for programming, market saturation and increased revenues by bringing you the combined benefit of a team experienced in consulting, and research and development in a wide array of media, marketing and music.

For over twenty-five years WMM has expressly worked with small to medium markets, specializing in programming evaluation, music research, audience lifestyle studies, online research and evaluation of sales practices. Sounds like major market? Consider how much more important the information is to your bottom line when it has less room for error.

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WMM is completely unprejudiced and researches all mainstream formats. We are not restricted to merely a singular format, or on-air presentation affecting your ability to impact your target market. Each point of contact with your product is vitally important to the complete strategy.

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A competitive strategic format, which creates audience gains and advertising revenue, is achievable upon completion of our lifestyle studies of the intended market, perception reports, and evaluation of all competition and establishment of goals.

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WMM provides an outside perspective without bias that determines the proper format options for your station; however, without discipline information is wasted. Therefore teaching is the most important aspect as we help management with implementation of the strategies.

WMM has a unique hands-on mentality, a proven method and an old-fashioned work ethic. We’re ready to design a competitive strategy for achieving success, no matter how you define it. It’s your goal, your business, your market.

“Let’s do business, before your competition does.”